AAAS Awards Reception, 2016 (photos)

We had a wonderful Awards Reception on April 25, 2016 with catering from Long Beach’s Elephant Thai Kitchen and cupcakes from the pastry kitchen of Teri Yamada and her son Yuzo, shortly off to Perpignan, France to study under Chef Olivier Bajard.  Over 130 students, parents, faculty, guests and friends of AAAS attended the event in the Anatol Center.


A highlight of the evening’s program was graduate student and master musician Liang-yu Zhang-Moran (left) and her student Rose (right), who performed on classical Chinese instruments, including the moon lute, flute, and zither.

musicians standing

A number of graduate and undergraduate students received scholarships for outstanding achievement.

Lloyd T Inui Prize: Rosa Nguyen and Jordan Rodriguez.

lloyd Innui Prize

San-Pao Li Scholarship:  Sarah Musnicky (left) and graduate student Zoe Wynn Megginson (right).

SAnpao Li Award

Taiwan Essay Contest: awardee Lucita Villarreal (right) with Dr. Mary Li-Ling Liang, Director of Education Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles, contributors for this award.


Japanese Studies:  awardee for the Atsuko Hayashi Scholarship: Ian Anthony Fludd and awardees for the Franklin Cole Scholarship: Edward Miller and Ye Kuang  with students and Japanese Studies faculty.


Asian American Studies Alum Award (from left to right) Prof. Linda Maram, awardee Jairus Ramos, ASAM Alum Sue Oda-Omori, awardee Leah Ishii, Prof. Barbara Kim and Prof. Dean Toji.

ASAM.alum award

Best Paper is Asian American Studies: Yushin ChoYushin.Cho

Best Paper in Asian Studies: graduate student Tomo Murakami (left) and graduating senior Guillermo Garcia (right).


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